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Post & Beam Classifications           
Post & Beam is a construction method that creates dramatic  and exciting designs  while remaining cost effective and energy efficient. Post & Beam homes of today still have the  same characteristic charm as of yesteryear, however there have been many improvements since the rebirth of these homes, such as; stronger materials, sturdier hardware, better designs, improved windows, and the homes of today are insulated.  Modern Post & Beam construction consists of Glu-laminated members which are joined by metal brackets, hangers, and hardware. These members are placed within the home or structure to carry the weight loads from the roof system down to the footers in the foundation, allowing for larger rooms that can flow from one into another without having load bearing walls which creates smaller rooms and  "chopped up"  floor plans. Post and beam provides the ultimate latitude in designs. The placement of the glu-laminated posts and beams evokes an unencumbered clean look as shown in the photo to the right.

The hardware can be hidden with trim kits, as shown in the photo to the lower left, or remain exposed as shown to the lower right, this is merely a matter of your personal taste. The brackets, hangers, and other hardware arrives to your home site in the typical gray paint finish. You may leave the hardware untouched in the factory coated gray or have it painted any other color you choose. The most common color choice for the hardware is black, since there are so many products for the interior of the home that are available in black metal or wrought iron, such as; stairs, railings, lighting fixtures, decor` items, and furniture. The photo above depicts the black hardware and the other metals with black finishes in the home. The hardware is actually accented by other metal products in the home with black finishes, making the connection hardware part of the decor`. However, if you prefer to conceal the hardware, Woodkrest offers trim kits or a skilled trim carpenter can conceal the hardware during construction.

Glu-laminated posts and beams are much stronger than solid timbers. Our glu-laminated posts and beams are made from southern yellow pine, which is the strongest in the pine family, then altered in a   kiln drying process that reduces the moisture content to a regulated 12 to 15 percent before the final glue laminating procedure, resulting in the strongest product available. We increase the strength of the posts and beams during the glu-lamination procedure by running the grains of the wood in opposite direction to further reduce any possibility of any movement as a result of shrinking, warping, or checking. Great expanses and massive weight loads are achievable with glu-laminated posts and beams resulting in open floor plans, sensational aesthetics, and innovative creations.    

The designs of Post & Beam homes are virtually unlimited due to the flexibility provided by the glu-laminated members and the vast array of products choices to complete the home.   You can attain any style, ranging from prows to virtually round houses, they have the capacity to blend into any environment, whether your property is located in a neighborhood, pasture, or wooded area, on a mountain, by a lake or river, we can specify   certain materials and structure the design to adapt in any location. These homes can take on a modern, contemporary, rustic, country, traditional, eclectic, classic, or any other style you desire for your home.   We will assist you with product selections that will generate the home you want to achieve. The exterior of these homes can be of any siding you choose; cedar, cypress, logs of any profile, brick, stone, fiber cement, cedar shakes, stucco, any other siding choice or combination of materials.   Most Woodkrest homeowners choose our cedar, which is western red cedar, kiln dried, tight knot select, making   it the most desirable cedar product, however it is not readily available at local lumber yards due to the fact it is the highest quality milled.   The choice of siding material) may be influenced by location, design, maintenance, tradition, costs, effect, covenants, and/or enhancement to aesthetics or curb appeal, however, we will guide you through the siding choices based upon your needs.  

Post & Beam usually has a sleek, more streamlined appearance than Timber frame  because   the astounding power of the glu-laminated members presents a lack of need for the normal truss formations in a timber frame and fewer posts and beams to carry   the weight loads. You may actually want the interior to have more of a Timber frame look, but you want your home to be created with larger sized glu-laminated members and formed into a truss, as shown above, implementing countersunk screws with options to use dowel pins to hide the connections and further suggesting actual timber frame.

These homes are very cost effective due to design, methods of construction, materials, and applications. We will lead you through many facets in your home in which the overall energy efficiency is affected by choices of methods, applications, and materials, such as SIP panels (structurally insulated panels).   These homes carry a dignity that suggests unrivaled dominance in designs of endless capabilities and possibilities.   

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Timber Classifications


Timber homes have stood the test of time and the Our timber home series is available   in a variety of styles, procedures, methods, and materials. The differences are in the methods of connecting the members, costs, appearance,   and the timber species.   We will develop creative ways for you to achieve your home within budget while and attaining the look you covet.

Generally timber frame homes are significantly more costly than the post and beam homes, however we have a version in our timber series that reduces the expense considerably, making these homes more affordable to a wider audience of homeowners.   The Woodkrest Modified Timber hybrid is accomplished by simplifying timber placement and positioning,   altering the connections, reducing the number of timbers, sizes, types, and wood species. While we use mostly solid timbers in this Modified Timber version, we may be required to use a glu-laminate for the center ridge beam, since it can carry the weight loads and protects from any twisting or warping. To retain a look of continuity with the solid timbers, we size and stain the glu-laminated beam accordingly, giving it a similar appearance to the solid timbers, and the distance given by the height of the ridge beam reduces the normal eye from detecting the difference between the glu-laminates and the solids. The solid timbers are available in a wide range of different species and sizes. However, since we generally use the modified version for budgetary reasons, we typically choose the most cost effective species that will accommodate the design, color, sizes, without losing any appeal.   The connections can be camouflaged by countersunk screws plugged with dowel pins, trim kits, or other creative measures. While this reduces the costs it does not detract from   the aesthetics of the home. You could even have a Modified Timber hybrid in some areas of the home and “True” Timber in the main parts of the home, which has more traffic and visibility exposure, for cost effectiveness. Both of the photos on this page are combinations of solids and glu-laminated   beams without mortise and tenon joinery.

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