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Welcome  to the world    of  Woodkrest,  your  official source for Post & Beam, Timber Frame, Solid and Glu-Lam Log Material  Packages. In the Material Package industry, Woodkrest has consistently offered the largest selection of superior quality materials, creating unique plans, utilizing eco-friendly green building practices, providing individual attention and exceptional services while maintaining lower prices for more than 25 years.
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While conventional custom homes can be sourced locally for building materials Post & Beam, Timber frame, Solid and Glu-Lam Log homes should be attained only through a specialty company such as, Woodkrest.  The Traditional series offers a glimpse into the unique and vast design flexibility available through Woodkrest for those who want more of a conventional home look but insist on the rare quality and components unavailable with standard building. Woodkrest is an A-Z complete source for exquisite homes; providing highly detailed custom plans, expert assistance, and the highest quality building materials in our packages across the country.

Many people have tried to "piece source" trying to save money but end up actually spending more while sacrificing quality and durability. The good intention of saving money can cost you not only for the building materials but the time to source and attain the materials. Construction costs usually rise due to delays while sourcing the materials and change requirements by switching materials when you can't find the materials specified in the design.

The quality of the materials is another factor that will cost you in the long run because you do not and will not find materials specified as in our packages locally and if you do you will certainly pay more since local building supply sources do not keep the products in stock. The biggest area of concern in trying to "piece source" your home is in the integrity of the materials, the products which are carrying weight loads MUST perform as specified per individual design or you will have structural failures and if the quality of the materials is sub-standard, the maintenance costs and possible replacement costs will eventually cost you more than you would spend on a material package from Woodkrest and other reputable package sources. And remember, not all material package companies are of the same caliber, look for a source that provides the quantity and quality at a fair price. 

Woodkrest packages are individually specified for each project based on the criteria for each project in order to comply with the various desires, expectations, requirements and the budget. Design, property, local codes, product limitations, construction methods, wants and needs dictate the package contents to stay within each budget.

Woodkrest has always practiced implementation of products and design methods for environmentally friendly homes and proudly announce the recent addition of the services a   L.E.E.D. AP on staff   with U.S.G.B.C. GREEN Building Practices to those seeking an environmentally friendly building experience. The addition of LEED AP services offers third party G.B.C.I. Green building verification, which greatly enhances the various methods and products that Woodkrest has always incorporated and pleasingly has been met with an enthusiastic reception. Visit Woodkrest's Green Building Services Center to learn more about the various ways we can help you be as Green as you want to be.

Your Woodkrest venture begins with a discovery phase to establish the parameters and expectations you have for your home, next we enter into the design phase placing your plan on paper for your approval, bidding process takes place, delivery of your material package and construction kicks off, and your Woodkrest journey is completed when you are moving into your home. The same dedication is provided to each client for a smooth successful design/build experience. You will find solace throughout each phase through our professional guidance, diligent routines, systematic checkpoints, and personal care for every aspect of your project, which ultimately provides you with the security needed to sleep peacefully.

The creation of your home will be simplified by experienced guidance, product knowledge, attention to details, and expertise Woodkrest with the largest most comprehensive selection of products and services, however, you will also be delighted by the incredible package affordability without sacrificing the product quality or package contents you so deserve.

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